Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Police discipline over G20 ID badge fiasco

It has been reported that around 90 police officers that served the G20 summit in June are due to be disciplined for not wearing their ID badges as identification.
The claim was made by Bill Blair during a house of commons’ public safety committee meeting in Ottawa which was held to study various issues that occurred during the G8 and G20 summits in Huntsville and Toronto.

Blair spoke to inform the various MPs, telling them that the non wearing of ID badges was his personal rule that was being violated, and any that chose not to follow this rule would be held accountable; “If an individual officer chose not to wear it, he is breaking a rule”.

The issue was brought to their attention after 13 public complaints about the non wearing of ID badges by police officers, leading to the eventual investigation by the committee. Having searched through over 20,000 hours of video tape, investigators found evidence enough to launch disciplinary action against the offending officers.

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As told by Blair, the name tags may have, in some cases, been dislodged in struggles due to their Velcro attachment nature, however other officers may have purposely removed their tags, and so would be looked into in more depth; “I believe some officers removed it so they would not be identifiable”.

If found to have not worn their ID badges, the officers in question could face the loss of a day’s pay as a penalty; however, the exact punishment has not been determined as yet.

Despite only charging 308 people, around 1,100 were arrested during the G20 summit in Toronto, with charges against around 100 people dropped on October 15th.

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